Fresh Theme Ideas for your Next Party

Theme parties are fun ways to spice up your social life. Here are a few more theme ideas for your next party.

Theme party ideas will never run out, and there are many things you can do to make a theme party the best. Firstly, it is vital to begin by choosing a good theme. This suggests that you have to choose a suitable theme that will go with your occasion or celebration. The primary factor to consider when selecting a theme is whether the guest of honor will appreciate it. In the case of a birthday party, the birthday girl or boy will decide whether the item is suitable in other words, an issue will go the direction they love. This also works for a retirement party where you have to impress the retiree with a good idea. There are many themes you can think about, and some of them include the following.

Spend a little time preparing to make your theme party a success. Create a photo opportunity – designate an area for theme photographs by hanging a backdrop and have accessories available. Another idea to simplify party planning is to ask guests to bring a side dish or dessert.

Theme Ideas:

60’s Mod

Decor: Anything retro
Dress: Pucci-inspired fun prints, beehive hairdo’s, knee-high boots
Music: Pop music from the 60’s – find a great online radio station with a British Invasion theme
Apps: Pigs in a blanket, Chex mix, Jello salad, Deviled eggs
Dessert: Ambrosia fruit dessert

Saturday Night Live

Decor: Stage area with lights, prop pieces from various sketches
Dress: Everyone dresses as their favorite SNL character, past or present
Music: Songs from former SNL guests – rock and pop mix
Dessert: Sheet cake decorated with well-known SNL characters

Dead Celebrities

Decor: Death-related decor, RIP grave markers, shrines, ghosts
Dress: Any deceased celebrity – musician, movie star, etc
Music: Pick songs from musicians that have passed on
Apps: This theme is great for Halloween – keep the food related to the holiday


Fun: Require a password at the door and stage a raid halfway through the party
Decor: Art Deco accents and a Blackjack table
Dress: Roaring 20’s Flapper Dresses and lots of feathers
Music: Jazzy tunes
Dessert: Chocolate cigars and candy cigarettes

Classic Theme Parties:

Pajama Party

Decor: Lots of pillows and have a few board games out
Dress: Your favorite pajamas
Music: Old-school hip hop playlist – reminiscent of high school days and slumber parties
Apps: Keep it easy and fun with pizza and cake

80’s Party

Decor: Movie and music posters from the 80’s
Dress: The best part of an 80’s party!
Music: Online radio station for 80’s music
Apps: Find some record-shaped bowls for serving food
Dessert: Cake shaped like a Rubik’s Cube


Decor: Tiki, Tiki, and more tiki!
Dress: Buy a few extra leis and grass skirts
Music: Mix some Hawaiian tunes with Caribbean music and anything with steel drums
Apps: Fruit salad served in a watermelon, Teriyaki chicken skewers, Coconut Shrimp
Dessert: Banana Bread with Macadamia nuts

Ugly Xmas Sweater Holiday Party

Decor: Put your holiday decorations up and have guests help with tree-trimming
Dress: Have a contest for the ugliest Xmas sweater
Music: Holiday music
Dessert: Fruitcake, eggnog, and other holiday goodies.

It is certain that this theme is full of possibility and ideas which have not been fully explored.

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